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Attic Services

Eliminating rodents from your attic is a great thing to do to protect your family and/or business. However some believe in taking it to another level. As you know these rodents are beyond filthy and will leave behind urine, droppings, unhealthy airborne contaminants, pathogens, insects and who knows what else as well as the destruction of your insulation.

We are the first company to incorporate the TAP system on the western side of the United States. TAP stands for Thermal Acoustical Insulation.

First we remove all insulation, debris and foreign matter from your attic and I mean EVERYTHING. We do this with a truck mounted vacuum so powerful, it will literally suck up a small animal! We also remove rolled in contaminated insulation by hand and carefully remove it from your home. This leaves your attic as clean as the day your home was built. This includes deodorizing and sanitizing as well. By the way regular fiberglass insulation is unhealthy, as it is tiny fibers of glass. Breathing in tiny fibers of glass is unhealthy.

Then we blow in a special recycled non toxic cellulose material which is impregnated with a naturally occurring non toxic element found in the earth; BORATE.  This repells and kills insects! This material is state of the art. It has the highest “R” factor rating that insulation can provide and also acts as an acoustical sound barrier. This completes the most perfective rodent exclusion. You can also receive rebates from your utility company.

Please refer to the TAP (Thermal Acoustical Insulation) website. To learn more, visit