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Tired Bees

Something to remember now spring is here.According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, a spoonful of sugar and water could revive a tired bee and send it back off happily to its hive. If you see one lying on the ground, moving weakly, chances are it just needs some Read More

Buzz On Bees

With warmer weather just around the corner, what can we expect this spring from some of nature’s most important pollinators? Plus, new research on the electric fields in flowers and the effect of caffeine on honeybees offers fascinating glimpses into bee behavior. We provide a full range of pest control services to Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Read More

Honeybees, the Environment, and Pesticides

Honeybees are important for more than just making honey. They also pollinate a lot of our crops — one-third of them, in fact. But a common narrative emerging these days is that the bees are dying. Beekeepers have reported losing substantial fractions of their colonies each winter over the past decade or so. In other Read More

Pets and Pest Control

Pets and Pest Control If a pet is a part of your family, then you know how important it is to treat for parasites and pests as well as fortify your home against invaders. When your pet suffers from a parasitic infection, you might think the best solution is to quickly apply the strongest, fastest Read More

Identifying Bumble Bees – Bee Removal

our-radio Identifying Bumble Bees / Bee Control and Removal Bumble bees are easily recognized, being large (3/4 inch long) with black and yellow or orangish hair patterns on their abdomens. Queens and workers have pollen baskets on their hind legs. Bumble bees can be distinguished from carpenter bees because of the presence of orangeish or yellow Read More

Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes, Wasps and Other Common Summer Pests

national-pest-management-association The classification of stinging and biting insects is a catchall grouping for solitary or social pests that sting or bite. Solitary species are those whose members live independently of each other, such as mosquitoes, carpenter bees, cicada killers, mud daubers and velvet ants. Social insects live together in colonies or nests consisting of workers, queens Read More

All About Rats and Mice

main-logo Rats and mice are year round pests. They can be incredibly frustrating to understand and control. But they can be both understood and controlled. Following are a number of articles on rats and mice to help you in your efforts. 1. Questions and Answers about Rats How do you know if you have rats? How Read More

Fleas, Ticks and Mosquitoes Can Bug Pets, Too…!!!!

national-pest-management-association Summer has officially arrived and all members of the family, including the four-legged variety, will be spending more time outdoors soaking up the sunshine. However, pesky pests such as ticks, fleas and mosquitoes can quickly ruin a warm-weather day, especially for pets such as dogs and cats that can’t quite protect themselves the same way Read More

Prevent Ants From Marching Into Your Home This Summer

national-pest-management-association Widely recognized as the top nuisance pest in America, ants are likely to make an appearance in many homes around the country this summer. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) encourages homeowners to take proactive steps to reduce the likelihood of seeing ants crawling across the kitchen counter in the coming weeks. “When the weather Read More

Asthma and Roaches

main-logo Did you know that cockroaches can trigger asthma? Give Zenith Environmental Pest Control to schedule for a home check Read More