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In addition to our commitment toward excellence, we are active members of a particular charitable organization called Angel Flight West. The owner/operator is an active volunteer pilot since 2005. Every dollar you entrust in Zenith Environmental Pest Control Services, you are contributing towards this critically needed nonprofit organization.

Angel Flight West provides free air transportation to those who are in dire need of life saving medical treatment. We reunite family members separated from their loved ones due to natural disasters. We offer hope to survivors of domestic violence by providing free air transportation to start new lives to other cities around the nation.

If you do not choose Zenith Environmental Pest Control as your trusted pest control provider, we hope that you will make Angel Flight West one of your favorite charities.

To find out more about these Angels with Wings, please visit

Click on the Angel Flight West logo on the upper left hand corner, wait a couple of seconds and click on “Find out more about Taylors story….” Be sure to have a tissue nearby.