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Ew.  Fleas. Nasty little creatures.  We moved in to find an infestation so bad, and the little buggers were so advanced that they had entered the Iron Age.  They had set up advanced societies, formed unions, and were arguing about global warming.  These things were bold.

Stil, I’ve got kids, and we like our neighborhood cats so I want a kid/pet safe solutions, and we can’t afford to burn the place down and start from scratch.   I tried two boxes of store bought flea bomb.  Please.  The little biters sent me a thank you note for giving them an aromatherapy shower.  It was time to get serious.

After the first treatment, all uninvited guests were traveling to the everafter.  The spray-guy said that the infestation was so bad he would have to come back.   But, as I said they were advanced, and within a week, some of the eggs that they had cryogenically stashed in hidden couch pads emerged like the living dead in search of blood.  So zenith came back.  This time, I asked for the outside and only selected rooms.  The flea spray guy, again, said that this being the worst flea season that he can remember, that I should not be surprised if I see him again in a week.  He suggested Thursday. This time, all was quiet for about 4 days, then a few flea-zombies arose again.  I had him back today (Wednesday).  We discussed strategy about what was needed and he sprayed today.  While irritated that Ihave to deal with this at all, I will continue to have Zenith on speed dial.

Now for the phone person.  Really excellent service.  She commiserated about the nastyness of this year’s fleas, and laughed at my jokes (hay, I’m only human).  she gave me instructions about what I should do (laundry like I’ve never laundered before, and vaccume like it’s the next new fad.)

Good people all around.

Chelsea L.
Bellevue, WA

Fast, good Pricing, on time and did a great job.
I had a roach infestation problem, and zenith was there to help me get rid of the pests.

Thank you Zenith.

 Lady B.
Los Angeles, CA

I have been using Zenith’s services for the past two decades for gopher and pest abatement and have been very happy with their services.  I now have three young children and appreciate even more the fact that their methods are kid and pet friendly as well as environmentally responsible.

Recently, I had a problem with a raccoon tearing up my grass and landscape.  After receiving some very expensive referrals from my gardener and from several friends, I called Zenith to see if they knew of a company that could cost efficiently handle the problem.  I was pleased to find out that they handle this issue and could do it for around 1/3 of the estimates I had received.

Within days, they caught the raccoon and relocated it, unharmed, to a wilderness area around 60 miles away.  They returned and set another trap – the price included one month of service.  The next day they caught another raccoon.

Zenith is obviously not a small company (there is always someone available and, in two decades, the service has never been interrupted), it is run like a family owned business, and they have never refused an accommodation.  When we caught the first raccoon, my kids were freaking out seeing the animal in the cage.  I called Zenith and asked them to pick up the critter right away.  After I explained the situation, they rerouted one of their service people and picked up the animal within the hour. Whether I speak with their personnel on the phone, or with their technicians at my house, they are courteous, friendly and accommodating.

I don’t know if anyone from the company will see this review, but if it causes anyone to give them a chance, it means that my time was not wasted.  In case someone from Zenith does see this, THANK YOU ZENITH!!

David K.
Encino, Los Angeles, CA

Since buying my home, we’ve used Zenith for an annual ant spraying and today we used them for a surprise infestation of fleas. Every time Zenith has been professional, friendly and easy to accommodate our needs. They use nontoxic, pet & kid friendly poisons that are VERY effective. They answer all our questions and are very trustworthy.  Once, when the ants continued to pester us, Zenith came out for an additional round of spraying, no charge & no hassle. If you need to get rid of pests & want a safe solution, I HIGHLY recommend Zenith.

 Kurtman M.
Los Angeles, CA