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Gophers and Moles

We are an agriculturally licensed company and a structural pest control company as well. This enables us to control or eliminate gophers and moles in the outside environment. We don’t use traps (that is like going to war with a broom). We are licensed to use restricted materials such as aluminum phosphide gas, zinc phospide or strychnine. This is the most effective means of eradication and also the safest – Once aluminum phosphide dissipates in the air, it no longer exists. This can take 24-48 hours, depending on soil moisture. The material is placed below the ground into the underground tunneling systems. That is what makes this material the most effective and the safest.




Gophers are herbivores, that feed only on plant roots ( like your favorite flower or turf) and live primarily underground in darkness. They tunnel along destroying and leaving behind giant mounds of earth. Gophers can reproduce at alarming rates.






Moles however are carnivores and feed on insects and grubs just under the soil surface. They leave a distinctive raised ridge just above the ground. Moles can be controlled using a bait lure that simulates worms, grubs, and insects. They do not leave a distinctive tunneling system as do gophers.






Voles are similar to meadow mice and can burrow into your hillside and plantings. They feed on above ground vegetation. Live trapping can be arduous at best. Poisons utilized safely are the most effective remedy.




Ground Squirrelstn-groundsquirrels

Ground squirrels are treated in much the same manner as Voles.