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Live Animal Trappings Raccoons

If Raccoons have become a problem at your home, business or property our professional trapping specialists can remove them with our unique live trapping techniques. Raccoons are highly intelligent animals that can tear or dig into attics, chimneys, porches and crawl spaces for shelter and enter into wall spaces and ceilings. Raccoons chew on electrical wires causing wire shortages or electrical fires.

Often times they die in these spaces causing tremendous odor problems, requiring dead raccoon removal. Raccoons are a significant carrier of rabies among wildlife. We can safely remove the raccoons, clean up and decontaminate fecal matter and block out the entrance points to prevent future animal invasions on your property. All of our specialists are governed by the highest standards in the industry. Call today to have a specialist come to your property to perform an inspection and evaluation in order to solve your wildlife issues today.

Raccoon Quick FactsRaccoonstrapped

  • Raccoons are highly intelligent, mischievous animals. They eat nearly everything!
  • They are stocky mammals about 2 to 3 feet long, weighing between 10 to 50 pounds.
  • Marked distinctively with a prominent black mask over the eyes and a heavily furred,
    ringed tail, raccoons are typically salt and pepper gray, though some are a yellow color.
  • Raccoons are active usually at night.
  • Their mating season is January through March and give birth 1-2 months later with
    an average of 4 – 5 babies.
  • Raccoons create a lot of destruction in their path, their tracks are very distinct.
  • They eat plants, insects and animals.
  • They live where food is readily available. When they begin to come into human territory, they eat from garbage cans and pet food left outside.
  • They can be very vicious animals when the feel threatened.