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Live Animal Trappings Skunks

Skunk Removal and Control

If skunks or skunk odor have become a problem at your home, business, or property our professional trapping specialists can remove them with our unique live trapping techniques and control the odors they cause by their sprays causing damage to carpets, furniture, drapes and clothing. We perform trapping, cleanup, odor control, and perform preventative techniques to skunk-proof your property.

Skunks can dig under porches and buildings by entering foundation openings, causing damage to the structure and also causing health problems. Skunks can be a primary carrier of rabies. All of our specialists have the highest standards in the industry. Call today to have a specialist come to your property to perform a inspection and evaluation to solve your wildlife issues today!

Skunk Quick Facts

  • Skunks, are medium sized mammals best known for their tendency to spray foul smelling fluid as a defense against predators.
  • They are a member of the weasel family.
  • Skunks are typically a black and white furred animal with short, stocky legs and large feet with well developed claws perfect for digging.
  • Skunks love to find food sources left around the home or in the garbage.
  • It is difficult to get rid of a skunk once they have discovered easy food and shelter.