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T.A.P. Method – Thermal-Acoustical-Pest Control (T.A.P.)

T.A.P. Insulation offers two sustainable solutions in one innovative product: an environmentally responsible insulation with superior thermal and sound-deadening properties and a unique method of pest control.

T.A.P. Pest Control Insulation is made principally from recycled ingredients.  The result is a thermally and acoustically superior insulation product that is environmentally sensitive and also helps control pests!

T.A.P. is a “loose-fill” insulation, so it is installed by blowing the product into attics after removing, cleaning and decontamination. (it can also be installed in attics and walls of new homes) with specialized machines.  T•A•P will reduce your energy bills by keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

T.A.P. controls common household pests that nest in attics and walls like roaches, ants, termites and silverfish. T•A•P therefore provides a long-term, preventative approach to reducing energy consumption while protecting your home from many common household insects that come in contact with the insulation.


T.A.P. saves money, by keeping the air comfortable inside your home!
This reduces the required energy needed to heat or cool your home and, in turn, reduces your heating and cooling bills.

T.A.P. reduces unwelcome noise from outside and helps create a peaceful environment inside the home.

T.A.P. eliminates many common household pests.

T.A.P. is the only product labeled by the EPA to control insects and also bears an Energy Star label!

Is it Safe?

The founders of T.A.P. Pest Control Insulation designed the product with two main principles in mind: concern for people, and concern for the environment.

T.A.P. uses borates as the active pest control ingredient.  Borates are mineral salts mined from the earth and are commonly used in many consumer products such as contact lens solution and anti-fungal creams.  Borates are deadly to insects yet have extremely low toxicity to mammals and thus pose a minimal risk to people and pets.

Unlike most traditional pesticide chemicals, T.A.P. is applied behind walls and in attics where exposure to people and pets is extremely limited.

How it Compares

T.A.P. Pest Control Insulation is one the best performing insulations on the market, giving you the triple benefit of 32 percent greater efficiency when compared to traditional insulation, superior acoustical benefits, and the added value of pest control!

No other insulation product comes close.