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Tree Services

At Zenith Environmental Pest Control, we believe that a healthy tree is a happy tree. Preserve and protect your trees with our complete control and maintenance programs. Our treatments, injections and inoculations are the most effective products available and alleviate general pest issues including beetles, spider mites, fungus and more.

Stop waiting and worrying; let us be your first and last line of defense. After a comprehensive inspection, we can customize a control plan to quickly save your valuable trees.

For expert diagnosis of your trees and landscape, call us today!

Trees: Pine, Elm, Sycamore, Olive, Fruit Trees, Ash

  •           General Pest Control Inside and Out
  •           Disease – Insect and Fungus Control
  •           Deep Root Feeding
  •           Gopher, Squirrel and Rat Control
  •           Weed Control and Landscape Spraying